Breathing exercise for stress management for rosacea patients

I’m always talking to patients who have rosacea about managing stress in the heat of the moment as an important component in managing one of the most universal triggers for rosacea flares.

Numerous studies have shown that quick breathing exercises in the face of a stressful situation (i.e. difficult boss, unpleasant client) results in a nearly instantaneous reduction in blood pressure, thereby decreasing the pressure inside the blood vessels. Increased pressure inside the blood vessels is the cause of the blushing and flushing during rosacea flares that, over time, leads to visible vessels on the nose, cheeks and chin.

This little piece below has a nice breathing exercise that should be practiced multiple times each day; then can be used quite effectively wherever a person is when they find themselves getting flushes due to stress.

Managing Stress: Breathing To Balance Your Mind And Body

Published: 12/13/2015 in Dr

Looking for a simple, healthy way to help you get through the day?

Try breathing exercises – a natural and effective way to reduce stress, maintain focus and feel energized. The key part is the out-breath. Exhaling completely is a useful practice that is especially easy to learn – it can promote deeper breathing and better health. Give it a try: Simply take a deep breath, let it out effortlessly and then squeeze out a little more.

Doing this regularly will help build up the muscles between your ribs, and your exhalations will soon become deeper and longer. Start by performing this exhalation exercise consciously, and before long it will become a healthy, unconscious habit.

Another way of promoting deep breathing, especially exhalation, is to have balloons handy and regularly blow them up throughout the day.