Sun Damage & Age Spots with IPL Photogenesis

True age spots, or solar lentigines, are caused by sun damage.  They are flat oval areas of increased pigmentation, usually brown or gray that occur on skin that has had the most sun exposure over the years, such as the face, chest, shoulders, and backs of the hands.  Age spots range from freckle-size to more than a half inch (1 centimeter) across and can group together, making them more prominent.  The age of onset is usually 15-20 years after acute sun damage or sooner following tanning bed damage. Solar Lentigines are most common in Caucasians but can also be seen in darker skinned individuals.

IPL (Intelligent Pulsed Light) Photogenesis is a quick, safe, and innovative way to remove solar lentigines, brown spots caused by sun damage, from your face, chest, shoulders, and hands. Initially, the brown spots darken, looking like ground pepper flakes; but within 2 weeks the darkened spots fade or flake off.  It usually takes several treatments to get to an optimal outcome.