Get Nitrous at Timeless

  • Don’t let anxiety or pain stop you from getting the treatment you want

We now offer our patients an innovative, safe, and highly satisfying pain-reducing procedure, self-administered inhaled nitrous oxide (N2O), for use during laser and injection treatments.


  • We have Pro-Nox

This system has several important built-in safety features compared with N2O that might be found in many dental offices.Most importantly, Pro-Nox allows a patient to take just the amount of gas needed to produce a temporary feeling of comfort and ease while the treatment is occurring.


  • Eliminate Pain and Anxiety

Nitrous oxideworks in the brain to release endorphins and dopamine, which are the body’s natural pain and anxiety reducing agents.


  • Drive yourself home

After the treatment is over, the patient exhales the N2O within a few minutes, and the effects are gone.  It is perfectly safe to drive, work, or resume any normal activity 10 minutes after receiving N2O because the agent and its effects are gone before that time, and N2O causes no hang-over or residual feeling.


  • Safe for almost everyone

Almost every patient can use N2O, except those who have had recent gas injections into the eye and a few other very rare medical conditions, which our staff review with every patient prior to administering N2O.


  • Save time and skip the numbing cream

Because N2O treats both pain and anxiety, it can take the place of topical numbing as well as supplemental medications.  Skipping the topical means saving time for our patients, and the reduction in anxiety caused by N2O makes the treatment a nicer experience.


  • Eliminate unwanted side effects

N2O can reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic or anxiety-reducing drugs, which are in the usual treatment protocols for more invasive procedures.


  • Minimal cost

N2O can be added to your procedure for a minimal add-on fee of $40.  If you save your tubing and bring it with you for your next procedure than the fee is reduced to $25.