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How to prevent wrinkles around your mouth

Smoking cigarettes, drinking through a straw, chewing gum and even laughing will cause wrinkles around your mouth over time. Wrinkles form as repetitive motion breaks down collagen and elastin, which usually is more pronounced in women. Why are women more prone than men to get wrinkles around the mouth? There are a few reasons: Women… Read more >

How to Care for Dry Winter Skin

Choose a short, warm shower over a long, hot shower or bath. Hot water strips oils from the skin more quickly than warm water. Filter out the chlorine from your shower water. Chlorine has an intensive drying effect on the skin; and according to the American Chemical Society, we absorb more chlorine by taking showers… Read more >

Muhka Make-Up Brushes

Find the best brush for your style! Natural Contour Brush (Canadian Squirrel) Collection – densely packed, yet unbelievably soft bristles in the ideal shape for applying and blending cream to powder or powder blush; gives you great control. Natural Powder Brush (Canadian Squirrel) – perfect for padding on and blending powder eye shadow. Squirrel Crease… Read more >

Why do we see green tea in so many skin care products?

We have the following data about green tea and skin from research performed over the past 20 years: In animal models, drinking green tea or topically applying green tea or EGCG, the active biologic constituent in green tea, provided significant protection against UV radiation-induced tumor formation in the skin. Green tea in the drinking water… Read more >

Breathing exercise for stress management for rosacea patients

I’m always talking to patients who have rosacea about managing stress in the heat of the moment as an important component in managing one of the most universal triggers for rosacea flares. Numerous studies have shown that quick breathing exercises in the face of a stressful situation (i.e. difficult boss, unpleasant client) results in a… Read more >