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Reservation/Cancellation Policies

As part of our continued effort to provide you with the very best service and to accommodate all appointment requests, we have implemented a Reservation/Cancellation Policy.

New Consultations are available by reservation only. This time is reserved for your exclusive use.  A credit card payment for the $75 consultation fee is required to book your appointment.  Timeless Laser & Skin Care has a 48-hour cancellation policy.  Missed appointments not cancelled or rescheduled at least 48-hours in advance will result in the forfeiture of the fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Dr. Christian

There are many doctors doing what you do. What makes you special?

I believe my background, education, experience and philosophy distinguishes me from others. My undergraduate degree is in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale. (Hence my early interest in lasers.) As a board certified OB/GYN I spent 20 years promoting women’s health. With my biochemistry background and training in nutrition, I have an interest in the effects of diet and lifestyle on wellness. I will never try and talk a patient into a procedure I don’t think is appropriate. I offer personalized, customized service in a warm and friendly environment.

Are you a dermatologist?

No. Cleveland has many excellent dermatologists and plastic surgeons. I often send a patient to a dermatologist if I see a suspicious mole or other conditions that I do not treat, like rashes. I also recommend physicians who specialize in more invasive options, like plastic surgery.

Why the fascination with lasers?

Although lasers for use in medicine were first developed in the 1960s, the 1970s and 1980s were a time of intensive development and refinement of laser technology. During that time I was studying biophysics at Yale and learning about the developments as they were happening. My residency program was very progressive in obtaining laser technology. We were trained and certified in the use of carbon dioxide lasers for the treatment of pre-cancerous cellular changes in women as early as 1987. I have used a wide variety of lasers in my medical career including both the carbon dioxide laser, called an “ablative laser,” which means one that destroys tissue, as well as “non-ablative lasers,” those that change tissue without destroying it.

You began your medical career as an OB/GYN. Why did you switch fields?

For many reasons, but the primary reason was lifestyle. I was working 50 hours a week as a “part-time” OB-Gyn while trying to raise a family. And as most people know, babies don’t arrive during normal workday hours. (I probably delivered 1,000 babies and preformed hundreds of surgeries during my time as an OB/GYN.) But, during this time I developed some health issues including a severe gluten allergy, which forced me to radically change my (and my family’s) diet as well as my lifestyle. I am a reforming “Type A” personality! Although owning a small business is much work, I am now able to control my schedule to better suit my lifestyle and my holistic approach to wellness.

All About Lasers

Is laser treatment painful for the patient?

The sensation of treatments with non-ablative lasers can range from the feeling of a warm massage (Titan) or a spraying of fine droplets of heat (Genesis) to a series of hot rubber band snaps (Hair removal, spider veins, or IPL). The great thing about these treatments is there is little or no down time and the treatments are very quick.

What can lasers be used for?

Our lasers can be used for a variety of conditions such as textural challenges (enlarged pores and fine lines); discoloration (brown spots from the sun, age spots, or diffuse redness); vascular issues (broken capillaries, spider veins, port wine stains, blood blisters and rosacea); loose crêpe paper-like skin; and unwanted hair.

All About The Practice

Why do I need a consult?

We have a policy at Timeless Laser & Skin Care that every new patient must have an initial patient consultation with a physician before receiving any treatment or procedure. Most of the time, patients appreciate this policy and find the consultation both informative and a valuable expenditure of time.  However, from time to time, a new patient asks whether they can skip this step, as they are already familiar with the procedure they want to schedule.

We are sensitive to the fact that a patient’s time is valuable, and we strive to respect this principle.  There are several important reasons, however, why we do not allow an exception to the need for a consult.

First, we believe that knowledge is power.  In the initial visit, we educate and we listen.  This basic human interaction empowers both the patient and the provider.  Our expert knowledge of the procedures we perform is put into the context of the life and circumstances of the patient.  The initial plan of care is completely individualized, the patient makes fully informed decisions, and the chances of treatment success are maximized.

Next, none of the procedures or products we offer produces its effect without an interaction with the patient’s body.   We teach our patients that the skin is the biggest organ, and skin health reflects overall health and the choices each patient makes.  The delicate balance between overall health, nutrition, and preventative care will significantly impact the chances for treatment success.

Finally, we hope that with each new patient encounter, we are laying the foundation for a long and mutually satisfying relationship.  Because we start each new patient’s journey with an informative one-on-one session, we establish a basis of trust with one another.  As each patient moves forward with a treatment plan, this basis opens up communication, facilitates questions and feedback, and affirms the central role that knowledge and counseling has in our therapeutic partnership as we help them look their best at any age.

Do you see men in your practice?

Yes. We are seeing an increasing number of men. The procedures men seek most frequently are Botox, followed by treatment of sun damage, followed by treatment of face veins.

What other treatments do you use besides lasers?

We offer treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are excellent for treating deep folds and passive facial lines—lines that are visible even when the face is at rest. Examples of these lines are those from the nose to the mouth and from the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers also replace lost volume such as in sunken cheeks and thinning lips. Botox therapy eliminates frown lines, crow’s feet, and softens harsh expressions.


Why are you so vigilant about nutrition? Can nutrition really affect my looks?

I am living proof that proper nutrition can change one’s life.I suffered with a severe gluten allergy, probably for my whole life, although in retrospect the symptoms were an increasing problem for only about five years. By the end of those five years, I was in extremely poor health, seeing three specialists for a litany of serious health problems, none of which were consistent with a gluten allergy. Just prior to my diagnosis, I was on 22 prescription medications a day to manage those health problems.Once I was diagnosed and changed my diet, I was able to stop all medications, my stress level normalized and I was able to exercise again. My sleep pattern returned to normal and over about a year’s time, my health returned. Actually, my health was (and is) better than it had been in the two decades prior to my diagnosis. As a result of this experience, I took the on-line portions of the University of Arizona’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine that pertained to women’s health. This fellowship is run by Dr. Andrew Weil, and was a natural progression of my interest in biochemistry and nutrition. I found that more than ever, I wanted to incorporate nutritional counseling into my practice of medicine.I am a firm believer that we are what we eat, and that skin health as well as overall health begins with what we put into our bodies. I am a supporter of the anti-inflammatory diet and I recommend this in detailed conversation with my patients. I also include nutritional tips in my bi-monthly e-newsletter.

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