Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormone imbalance can occur in women of all ages.  From the cascade of hormone problems which can accompany adolescence, throughout the reproductive years, and culminating with the myriad symptoms of menopause, trouble can start when hormone levels become too high or too low.  Traditional medical treatments often fail to address the needs of a woman suffering from hormone problems and rely on medications that have undesirable risks or side effects.  If you are one of many women who have tried a treatment or medication for hormonal problems and you are frustrated with incomplete results or side effects, or if you just want a more natural approach, than bio-identical hormone therapy may be right for you.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments for Women of All Ages

In order to make a treatment plan using bio-identical hormones, accurate testing of hormone levels is essential.  Hormones are stored in tissues and circulate bound to proteins, so blood testing for free hormones is often inaccurate and misleading.  Saliva testing has been the standard for sex hormone measurements for decades.  This method has been validated as the best way to assess tissue levels of hormones, and correlates well with activity in the body.  We offer our patients access to one of the most experienced and professional national laboratories, ZRT.  The testing kits for ZRT are easy to use and come with detailed instructions and prepaid shipping materials.

A woman makes three sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. [Follow this link for a more detailed discussion of the hormones women make:]  In order for a person to feel healthy and to function well, these and other hormones must be in balance. Too little estrogen causes hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and many other symptoms associated with menopause.  Estrogen excess leads to breast pain, abnormal periods, weight gain and can cause infertility and cancer. Progesterone deficiencies often get overlooked, but they are common and can result in insomnia, irregular periods, mood swings and depression.  Too much progesterone can also result in mood disturbances, weight control issues, and problem periods.   Although testosterone is made in much higher amounts by men than women, women need some testosterone too.  Without it, women often lose their interest in sex or their sexual responsiveness.  They can also lose their sense of wellbeing and have decreased muscle strength.  Too much can cause unwanted hair growth and acne.

Once hormone levels are measured, we use the results to create a hormone prescription that restores optimal function and balance.  Hormone deficiencies can be treated safely and effectively with bio-identical compounds. These products, identical to the hormones a woman’s body makes, do not have the risks and side effects of pharmaceutical (but not identical) drugs.

A successful treatment plan usually requires balancing lifestyle choices including specific recommendations for diet and exercise that fit your goals and needs.  We will make an individualized recommendation of dietary supplements and nutraceutical herbs because proper supplementation and use of herbal therapies is essential for best hormonal performance.  Our patients have access to a customized line of high quality nutraceuticals through our online store at Metagenics, a world-wide leader in vitamin and herbal therapies.