SmartSkin C02 Fractional Resurfacing

The SmartSkin® CO2 Fractional Laser is the Rolls Royce of fractional resurfacing – it reduces wrinkles, improves skin irregularities, reduces pore size, and tightens laxity. SmartSkin® is a single laser that works on both tone and texture, but the truly unique thing about SmartSkin® laser fractional resurfacing is its flexibility. Patients have the option of getting dramatic results and dividing the treatments into two or three sessions with as little as 3 days of downtime each. Or, if they’re able to take 5 to 7 days of downtime, patients can experience the same results after just one treatment!  The skin continues to tighten, and the tone and texture continue to improve for up to four months after the treatments.

Photos courtesy of Timeless Laser & Skin Care

Drs. Jeff and Stefanie Christian use the SmartSkin® laser to apply a series of tiny pulses of laser energy to the skin. As these microscopic holes heal, new younger-looking skin is revealed, and collagen and elastin formation is stimulated deep within the skin.

SmartSkin C02 Fractional ResurfacingThe entire face can be treated in as little as 30-60 minutes per treatment, with results lasting years if skin is given proper care and protection. Because the SmartSkin® CO2 laser gives the doctors the ability to vary numerous laser parameters, patients receive procedures that are tailored to their distinct degree of laxity, to their schedules, and that allow individualization to address their specific textural concerns such as scars and creases.

The SmartSkin® CO2 laser can be tailored to specific areas such as the SmartSkin® CO2 Laser Eye Lift – also known as the “Madonna eye lift” – as featured on the Doctors Show.  If the lids are hanging out on the lashes, then surgery is the best option.  But if crêpy skin, fine lines, and mild hooding are the issues, a Laser Eye Lift is a great choice. With the Laser Eye Lift, a marked improvement can be seen in fine lines around the eyes, with loose crêpy skin on the lids, and with mild lid hooding.  If the Laser Eye Lift is combined with a Fractional CO2 of the face, we often see a gentle lift of the eyebrows to a more youthful position as well.

Procedures performed with the SmartSkin® CO2 laser have a significantly shorter recovery time than with fully ablative lasers. Each tiny hole will heal quickly following our post-procedure regime, and in 3-7 days you will be able to apply makeup on the treated surface and return to your normal lifestyle.