Heavenly Hands


Heavenly Hands

Hand Anti Aging Treatment in Westlake, OH

Timeless Laser & Skin Care is proud to offer Heavenly Hands, which addresses both the brown spots and the loss of tissue. Heavenly Hands eliminates the brown spots and plumps the backs of the hands, giving them a more even pigment and a more youthful contour.

As we get older, our hands are often some of the earliest and most dramatic indicators of aging skin.

First, even if we are good at protecting our faces and chests from sun damage, most of us are not nearly as good at protecting our hands. Therefore, our hands develop the telltale brown spots, often referred to as “liver spots,” but that actually has nothing to do with the liver at all. These spots, or solar lentigos, are caused by sun damage and create a striking aging appearance on affected hands.

Second, once we notice premature aging of the skin of our faces, necks, and chests, most of us are fairly motivated to treat these areas because of how prominent they are. We forget, however, that our hands are always in view. At work, with our families, in casual settings, and informal gatherings, our hands are always exposed; and it is not uncommon to see women whose faces look considerably younger than their hands because of the treatments they have had on their faces for prior sun damage while ignoring the damage to their hands.

Third, as we age, our hands lose some of the tissue beneath the skin that used to give the hands a smooth, youthful appearance. Hands begin to look older with prominent veins.

It is vital that your hands don’t look older than the rest of you. Call us today for a consultation.

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