KeraLase In Westlake, OH


KeraLase, a Break-Through Therapy for Thinning Hair 

The innovative KeraLase procedure combines comfortable Lase MD Ultra laser treatments with patented KeraFactor MD® Topical Growth Factors.

KeraFactor MD® is a proprietary formula that contains all 8 Growth Hormones involved in hair growth and hair health as well as additional ingredients that are important in scalp revitalization.

To achieve optimal skin absorption of the KeraFactor MD and maximize results, the KeraLase procedure combines KeraFactor MD with the Lutronic Lase MD Ultra thulium laser. This laser creates microchannels in the skin on the scalp that act like a sponge and has been shown to increase absorption of KeraFactor MD by five to seven-fold. The KeraLase procedure delivery to hair follicles of compounds that initiate repair and renewal of the scalp to produce thicker, healthy, fuller-looking hairs.
The procedure takes 10-15 minutes, causes minimal discomfort, and has no downtime.

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