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Benefits of Botox & Xeomin

If you have been faithfully using anti-aging creams for years, but you are still seeing deep wrinkles form on your forehead or between your eyebrows, muscle contraction is likely to blame. When your muscles are constantly causing your skin to crease, your face can begin to develop lines, especially as it loses its elasticity. With Wrinkle Relaxer injections, we can reduce the appearance of these lines while retraining the muscles in your face. We are always committed to your health and well-being at Timeless Laser & Skin Care, and we look forward to our first consultation with you.

Botox Injections in Westlake, OH

What Are Neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators impact the communication between certain nerves and muscles. Depending on where they are injected and how much is injected, they can either soften the movement of the muscles or stop movement altogether.

Because many of the lines and wrinkles on your face are caused by a combination of aging skin and muscles that contract over and over in the same way, neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin are effective at smoothing or preventing these lines because they stop or alter these muscle contractions.

For us, neuromodulator injections are an art because every person who walks through our doors has different aesthetic goals and has different movements in the face. During your consultation, we watch your facial expressions and listen to your goals to determine which areas we are going to inject.

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Areas For Injection

  • Frown Lines

    Frown lines are a common area for injection because people don’t want to appear angry even when their face is at rest. Frowning isn’t the only motion that can cause these lines to form. Many people get them while concentrating or squinting from the sun. Wrinkle Relaxer injections can help to soften these lines while retaining natural motion in the surrounding muscles.

  • Forehead Creases

    Horizontal forehead creases are a familiar area for injection because people don’t want to appear upset when they aren’t. Forehead creases result from elevating the eyebrows, and Wrinkle Relaxers can help to soften these lines while retaining natural motion in the surrounding muscles.

  • Bunny Lines

    Bunny lines are the little lines that form near the top of your nose when you scrunch your nose upward. Blocking nerve signals in this area can keep your nose smooth even when you laugh or make other facial expressions.

  • Crow’s Feet

    Crow’s feet can be a difficult area to treat because it's important that the injections don't impair your ability to make a genuine smile. Slight crinkling at the corners of your eyes can bring warmth and authenticity to a smile. With over two decades of experience injecting neuromodulators, we can provide the perfect balance between helping to erase creases around the eyes while still allowing your face to have a genuine and friendly expression when you smile.


What Are The Benefits Of Neuromodulators?

While Botox and Xeomin have been more common for individuals over 40, that age is lowering as more and more people become interested in preventative neuromodulators. When our patients come to us in their mid to late twenties, we can begin a preventative regimen of Wrinkle Relaxers. When used preventatively, we inject a smaller dose in the areas where we predict that fine lines will form. With consistent appointments, many people find that they never have to move to larger doses, and their skin stays smooth. You can talk to us about preventative neuromodulators.

  • Reduce Wrinkles

    One of the primary benefits is reducing wrinkles to make your face appear more fresh and youthful. When injected every three months and paired with a good skincare routine, you will be able to continue to see the benefits as your skin ages.

  • Improve The Posture Of The Face

    Our philosophy of injection allows us to improve the posture of the face while reducing wrinkles. We carefully inject the muscles in your face that are causing downward motion while leaving the elevating muscles alone. When these elevated muscles are isolated, they become stronger and help lift the face. With this method, we can prevent the drooping of the brows that can sometimes be associated with too much neuromodulator in the forehead.

  • Improve Mood

    There is strong evidence that facial expression is related to mood. If we can soften the motion of the depressive muscles that create downward expressions and reduce the number of negative expressions on your face, we may also be able to help lift your mood.

  • Retraining The Muscles

    Over time with the continual use of Wrinkle Relaxers, we can help to retrain the muscles in your face to make them more balanced. This can give you an overall more pleasant appearance.

From Consultation To Treatment

During your consultation, we will ask you to make certain expressions, and we will observe your facial expressions to help determine the right treatment. We will also talk to you about your goals and discuss the implications of various options.

Once we decide on treatment, we will apply ice to the area to numb the skin and shrink the blood vessels. This will help us to decrease the chance of bruising after treatment. We use the smallest needle that is made in the US to do injections so that discomfort is limited. After your injections, you should start to see results within 7-14 days.

Soften Your Wrinkles With Botox & Xeomin In Westlake, OH

At Timeless Laser & Skin Care, you are always in good hands. We have been doing Botox and Xeomin injections for over 15 years, and we have developed a philosophy and method that makes us one of the best sources for Botox and Xeomin treatments that look natural and promote the overall health and appearance of your face. If you are interested in Botox or Xeomin, call us or reach out online to schedule a consultation.

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