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Leg Vein Therapy

If you have gone through pregnancy or have a family history of vascular dysfunction, you are likely to develop spider, reticular, or varicose veins on your legs and other locations. These damaged veins can be very visible. To fix this issue, try leg vein therapy at Timeless Laser & Skin Care in Westlake, Ohio.

Leg vein therapy uses a special laser to remove damaged veins from your body. You can have many different varieties of damaged veins. For instance, you may notice patterns of small, red blood vessels on your skin. This condition is called telangiectasia.

Blue or purple veins that can be easily seen through the top layers of your skin are called spider veins. Damaged veins that appear to be green and flat are known as reticular veins. Bulging veins that look green are called varicose veins. These larger damaged veins may need to be treated by a medical professional who is an expert in the vascular system.

  • Why Have My Veins Become Damaged?

    Although the exact cause of damaged veins isn’t known, there are a variety of factors that increase your chances of experiencing this vascular issue.

    Your risk of developing vein issues is higher when you are pregnant. Going through this life experience will cause you to experience hormonal changes that can damage your veins. Further, the added pressure on your vascular system can weaken your blood vessels.

    Family History
    If your family members have suffered from vein issues, you will be more likely to develop these problems during your life.

    Other Factors
    In addition to your family background, having a history of injuries and vascular issues will heighten your risk of experiencing this problem. Further, being very overweight will increase the amount of blood that moves through your veins. This extra blood will enhance your chances of developing damaged blood vessels. You are also more likely to have vein issues if you are a woman.

  • How Can Lasers Be Used To Fix My Damaged Veins?

    We will use a Cutera Excel V laser to send controlled pulses of light into your damaged blood vessel. The hemoglobin contained in your blood will change this energy into heat.

    As your injured vein heats up, a tiny clot will develop inside this vessel. This clot will close the vessel. After the vessel is closed, your body will absorb this damaged vein.

  • Will I Feel Uncomfortable During My Vein Treatment?

    Your leg vein therapy will not be uncomfortable or frightening. During your treatment, we will use the tip of our laser device to send energy into your body. Chilling this tip will allow you to stay comfortable during your appointment. This feature will also prevent the heat from damaging your skin.

    As this device transmits energy into your veins, you will feel a sensation that is similar to a hot rubber band snapping against your body. Although this is usually a well-tolerated sensation, we can provide you with ProNox to use during your treatment. This is a type of gas that will reduce your anxiety and allow you to remain calm.

  • What Should I Expect While I Am Recovering From My Vein Treatment?

    After you leave our office, you might develop hives or have red skin for a couple of hours. To address these issues, you should periodically apply cool packs to your skin. If your non-bulging green veins or larger purple and blue veins are more noticeable after your treatment, don’t worry. These veins may darken before they are absorbed into your body. This process can take four to ten weeks to complete.

    Under some circumstances, you might develop bruising on your skin. In rare situations, crusting may occur. If you have treated a large number of veins, you might also have a flu-like feeling. You can address this feeling by taking anti-inflammatory medications.

  • What Rules Should I Follow While My Legs Are Recovering?

    You will probably return to your professional responsibilities and other activities after a day. You don’t need to wear a compression hose. However, if you treated veins that look green, you might benefit from wearing running tights or lycra leggings for a few days.

    To avoid forcing blood to move through your injured veins, you should not engage in rigorous exercise for the next twenty-four hours. To avoid developing dark spots on your skin, you should wear high-quality sunscreen on your treated area for the next three to four weeks.

  • How Many Vein Treatments Will I Need?

    You should plan on receiving multiple leg vein therapy sessions. The number of treatments that you receive will depend on the location of your damaged blood vessels, the number of veins you are treating, and the size of your damaged veins.

    Since we cannot use this treatment to change your family history and other risk factors, you might develop damaged veins in the future. You can address this issue by getting additional laser treatments.

  • How Can I Reduce My Risks Of Developing Damaged Veins?

    To reduce the chances that you will develop vein issues in the future, you should avoid crossing your legs. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, you should wear a compression hose while you are working.

  • Who Is Eligible For This Treatment?

    If you are a healthy adult who wants to improve the condition of your veins, you will probably be eligible for this treatment. If you have acute thrombosis or phlebitis, you cannot use this technique. Further, if you are pregnant, you’ll need to schedule your appointment after you have given birth.

Treat Your Damaged Veins

Spider veins and other damaged blood vessels will change the appearance of your skin and cause you to feel upset about your appearance. These veins can also cause you to experience itching and other uncomfortable sensations. You can treat these blood vessels by getting leg vein therapy. To learn more about this laser treatment, contact us at Timeless Laser & Skin Care in Westlake, Ohio.

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